Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another week

The kids had a good weekend, and mom got to chill out...We havne't done much this week but the kids seem to be enjoying playing at home and in the yard...Josh got a new computer game about building roller coasters and it been a blast to watch him do it and then you can pretend your on the ride..Keri has been doing her thing with her build a bear collection..other wise we have been doing crafts, making and mostly just enjoying our times together..
Today I got alot of stuff out the file cabinet and getting rid of junk so that was totally a great day..I am working on their scrapbooks in hopes to get them all caught up before school starts so I can stay on top of them...Otherwise not much happening..Talked to my dad he is going great in Missouri..he had to get a new cell phone and he seems to enjoy it..has text, voice mail and stuff...he had to learn how to use voice mail..all I could think was my mom going what has girls got dad moving up with time..anyway he seems happy about it..
next week is my bday and I am going to just chill this year..the kids will be in VBS so it kewl I am going to get me some new clothes and stuff for myself which is going to make me feel good.
anyway life is good..and I am really enjoying this when am I going to get the beach hmmm....the kids want to go to sea world is never changing ...guess that what seems to keep me young and going..

until and enjoy life...

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