Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Breaks Are Great

Well, the kids are out of school for the summer time and it already been fun and busy..
Keri had her end of the year party at school and with scouts was alot of fun,,mom got to go to school and see both of her kids in their classroom so it was extra special...anyway we attended Josh end of the year party on saturday and it was a blast...Both kids had a great time and we started all day..they swam, went down the water slides..jumped in the bounce house and we had some really great food..the lady was wonderful...we will start our break with alot of relaxing..but swimming in the pool...We spent the first day swimming all day and going out to eat..last night we had a good time too..we had a toy story movie night..we had pizza and stuff and watch the two was great I love just hanging out with my two...Going to help my dad by mowing his lawn this weekend..he seems to be having a great time in missouri with the kids there..i think he is learning to drive remote controlled cars..which is fun I guess..anyway going to keep writing ..but enjoying my time is too I miss you alot..i always am reminded by the kids...grandma takes us camping and to flagler beach in the changes alot
when the one person who means the most is missing from your life...well..i do have a great family who cares alot here too...have a nice day and enjoy your summer!!!!

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