Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Middle of the week

Well it been a slow/busy week with the kids home...we spend two days swimming and did the errands stuff..talked to grandpa on the phone he is doing great in Missouri...the kids are playing the DS and we have been making crafts each day to keep them from being bored..This morning they built a fort in the living room with a little success...having to learn that pillows just dont stand up without any help...anyway they had a good time..we made puppets yesterday and each took a turn telling a story that was to say the least interesting and fun and then for dessert we had chocolate chip cookies...which is always a favorite..cause mom bakes them...we also went to the library yesterday which both seemed to enjoy alot to keep them reading this was quite busy there probably due to the heat say the least..guess that florida weather..(the sunshine state) which is today...since I am trying to keep up my blog for the summer...we are going to check out the mall it been like forever since we have been there and I have a gift card to use...and then probably hang out in the pool again...the kids are really getting a nice tan this summer...just wish we had a bigger pool...guess one day...well that the latest from this happpy family who is loving the summer and no school....

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