Sunday, April 25, 2010

Counting Down

It was been a great week here and weekend..Harold has been coming down alot and it been so wonderful to have someone in my life who really loves and cares about me/kids....We are counting down to summer break but so many things will happen before then...This past weekend we had a great dinner and worked outside..the weather has been really good for us here...Both kids got great report cards and got their awards last week I was unable to attend them but it was great to have friends take pics for me....This week we have the school family fun night which is always great to go too and Keri has GS and math night for school...I really am loving thing right now...the kids seems to be doing good too..Their father is out of the hospital and seems to be doing good for the most part..Josh wants to go spend time with him soon which I think is much needed is good and school is almost over too...

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