Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break Done

Well, it been just a few weeks since my last posting but it was a great time..We were out for spring break from the second of April till the was forsure spring weather..a whole week of almost no rain just wonderful sunshine...and we spent most of the week in it..I got the kids a pool which they really enjoyed and a few swimming was alot of fun watching them and I got a good start on my tan too..My sister Annie had the annual egg hunt at her place on saturday the 10th it was alot of friend Patricia and her sons attended so it was really great too..Josh/keri really enjoyed it I could tell they slept in late the next day...I got alot of work done around the house and got both rooms cleaned up and out..My dad built Josh a really nice bookshelf for his room so it was really nice to have...he also built both kids a really nice trophy display box for their pinewood derby stuff it looks great...Keri starts her new daisy troop this week she is really excited..all the girls from the other troop are coming too..and she knows on the girl already in the troop and they seem to be very busy always going ..the leader sends out newsletters which is really we are excited about it and its' on wed at 6 so it will work out in our schedule with josh attending cub scouts on tues...but in other news..Harold came to see us a few times during the break and the favorite thing the children will tell you is they both got their first motorcycle ride which both totally loved very much and look forward to the next one...everything else is going good...we only have six more weeks of school (at my school) so I am counting down...but alot will happen between now and then....well that all for now.

I am loving this sunshine warm weather....

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