Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week ended very wet

Friday was our back to school was a very wet one to say the least but I think everyone tried to make the best of it..the little ones were so funny they wanted to just get so wet but had a good time with friends...The week ended pretty good..thanks to my brother in car isn't so bad which I am so glad I didn't need another expense right now...the kids really had a great week at school and each has made some friends and love their teachers...both are going to field trip very soon so things are very positive for them right first week was to say the least interesting..what a group of children so different in very way but that make to be a good it summer yet...ha going to be a quiet weekend here the kids seem to want to just relax and do their own thing..I am checking on my father lawn to see if the rain doesn't come I will get it cut...he does so much for me I owe him so much more..and my wonderful little sister..she is the total best ...i can't thank her for all she does for me and my kids..well we will see how the weekend goes before starting week two which should be fun and exciting for all of us..

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