Monday, August 2, 2010

Life is Good

Well, if you look on the calendar it says three weeks and my summer break end and I get to start another wonderful year at Cornerstone..I am excited to meet the new children I really love what I do and they are always fun and full of life.. Our weekend here was relaxing to stay the least..didn't do much but the kids seemed cool with it..I think they are ready to go back to school in one sense of the word...The week will seems great starting off wonderful..I got to talk to my best friend this morning and she is going great..I am so glad...we are planning some time together next week which will be great too..the kids will love it too...School seems to be getting ready closer and faster but it been a good summer to stay the least..i have enjoyed it even if we didn't travel many places or do much it was important that we were together and had a great time doing it...I am feel so much better about my life and really going to just stay focused on my children and myself right now...those are the most important things in my life and we are great together...I just hope it keeps going good...well until later..I am enjoying my Monday and I know the rest of the week will be fun..I have a few things planned for the kids..they will enjoy.

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