Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looks Good So Far

Well this year school year seems to be starting off very well..especially since the two kids are in a new school and trying to make new friends..but as of day two it seems to be a pretty good deal..Both seem happy in their new school, and have made a few new friends and seems pretty happy when they leave to go to school and when they get home..they have positive things to say...Josh really likes his teacher alot..he seems to be doing great as of day two..tonite he had no trouble doing his homework in fact he was willing to just sit down and get it over...WOOHOO..Keri seems a little unsure about school but I think she will do ok..she told me it seems alot harder this year..we will see how she does...at least when they get to school they say bye and off they go..Josh walking Keri to class he is so wonderful to her...Mommy seems to have a very busy class this year...wanting to just move and move and move..instead of sitting and listening but then they are only three and totally full of life and energy...but I really think it going
to be a great year in class..I have some buddies already it pretty kewl..when they call you your name and it only day two...anyway we will see how the week goes on..and if anymore changes happen..Josh is so looking forward to the bowling field trip and next week in PE they are going
to learn to bowl..I think change is good..but sometimes I wonder if we make choice for ourselves instead of thinking what is best for our children...we will see...anyway so far school is great and I am so glad both of my children love going to their new school and that Josh really likes his teacher this year...

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