Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Break Ending

Well three more days of summer break and then it back to work...What surprises will happen,, there so many changes for us this year so it will be fun but nervous for the first few days...I am sure it will be a great change for all of us..The kids seems to be excited about going to a new school and making new friends..Mom is excited about returning to the classroom which is enjoys so much and making new friends too...Today was one of our fun days..we went with Ms P and the boys to chuckie cheese it was a total blast..we always have a great time together..wish we could spend more of it together...The summer has been fun even though we didn't travel much or do much it was spending time together which made it great ..i think we even learned a few things too and the kids did great on reading too ...Josh loves to read so that was great too.
Keri highlight for her summer break was losing not one but both of her front teeth..she looks cute but makes me realize she is growing up too..stop wait...anyway our last weekend will be quiet we have a few last minute details to do before everyone returns back to
leads the way and the kids follow...i am sure the school year will go quickly...but i am sure
there will be lots of great memories to capture too....I can't wait..I am so proud and love my wonderful family...

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