Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year New Month

Well,, it already the third day of January in the new year of 2010.. It been pretty good I must say...My friend came down for a visit and we went bowling and it wasn't too bad to say the least..I just still can't understand I should just stop trying and go with the flow...
Anyway we didn't make it till midnight to welcome the new year..we tried...Josh made it till ten and he finally went to sleep Keri is lucky if she makes it till nine any time...which is good..
anyway we really enjoyed our winter break from school...We really had a great time with my brother and his family visiting from Missouri on new year eve...we all went to dinner at Sonny's and had a great time..the three boys played with their DS while waiting from dinner and the two youngest were playing a game on their parents Ipod..can't you see how different life has changed since I was young..Anyway things are pretty good here..the weather has been cool and today it was COLD..I dont think it got to 45...looks to be a cooler week..I dont think any of us are ready to return to work and school but I guess we haven't a choice..we just have to do it and move on.
as I have told myself for the upcoming year...I am just going to go with the flow and try not
to stress over the small stuff..cause it just happens..

well I am going to try to write more and I have started a new project I learned about on the internet called Project 365 where you take one picture each day for a year and write a short caption about I think it will be alot of fun...I just have to remember to do it..

as for the upcoming week it will be busy ..going to back school and two meetings boy and girl scouts and keri starts the cookie drive on we are cookie ready I hope I get all the details on Tuesday at what emily email called and busy but every exciting meetings for the girls and parents...

until then ....

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  1. It was a good break! Gotta get back in the groove!