Sunday, January 31, 2010

Busy I Guess

WOW! it's like my life got so busy I couldn't find time to write my thoughts and life in my own blog...Time slow down..well alot been happening here..Keri has sold so many cookies since my last writing...we are up to 242 boxes so she will be heading to the magic world of disney she is very excited about it..Josh has been busy with scouts too..they are getting ready for the biggest event in boy scouts (cub scouts I should say) the Pinewood Derby which is an exciting but hardworking event..we will need grandpa to assist us again this year..Keri is doing a car too..should be interesting..Work has been about the same...we went to our first sleepover..Josh went to my sister's and seemed to have had a great time..Keri was a little more interesting I would have to say..not saying too much in here about it..just that it was very different to say the least..anyway the important thing is she had some stuff ..if you asked her she might tell ya different...she has a busy weekend upcoming with two scout events..and are first for her again..She lost another tooth too...anyway life hasn't been that busy just time gets away and I seem to forget to write my daily doing about my wonderful family I have there..

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