Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back to Writing Again

Wow, it been a busy two weeks while we have been out on Winter Break..Christmas this year was a total success..I spend time with my friend and the kids really enjoyed all the great things Santa brought them this year as well as all the wonderful gifts other gave them...I think this year will be a great success for us..It was great seeing friends/family and just sharing time with the kids while not working...I took the tree down today only because some one was making it their home..SPIDERS! i took it down so fast..and now the house is back to it simple way of life which I enjoy going to be a new year in just a few days that will bring back to school and work but we are ready for it..Josh is slowly making progress on his report he needed to do this break..Keri has many new friends as she calls them...we added three new build a bear animals to our home..she really enjoys them...they are cute and she takes care of them..we have been playing all the new games Josh got some are really mind thinking games but fun since again we are spending time together which I enjoy very much..well I am going to writing all my wonderful thought and memories I can look back and remember just how great it is being a mom to my wonderful loving children and just how lucky I am to have friends/family that I love and love me back so much...

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