Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Well, my friend came back last night and he suprised the children by bring fireworks we had a great time bring in the new year..we had dinner and just hung out...The whole day was really started off having lunch with my dad..Josh really enjoyed it was a great day to end the year and start one too...the whole week seemed to be a busy one this hard to believe our winter break is almost over only one more day and then back to work/school..but it been alot of was a relaxing day..the weather for the past two days has been great..the kids and I have been outside most of it..riding the toys and just playing outside...the house is clean so return to work I am glad I got alot done..Xmas is behind us and a new year full of surprises lies ahead..who know what will happen..but I am sure it going to be a good one..we will see....well one more day of fun at least....

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