Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today was great...the weather was a little warmer you could be outside without a coat..The kids went to a birthday party for one of josh's classmates and keri went along I think they had a good time..jumping on the bounce slide and stuff....i got to spend some much need time with Harold and we really had a great two hours was funny..we went to an ice cream place it was fun..he is so silly sometimes too..but it was great to just spend time together laughing...he is really great...and tonight we all helped make dinner so that was alot of fun great the kids enjoy time with him..him and keri played hulk it was really funny to watch..and he and josh played a game too..while I cleaned up all the dishes...i think it going to be a fun weekend all to church tomorrow and then figuring what to do on monday since NO school...i love these vacation time...well it going to be a great weekend no matter what happens now..

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