Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lots of Fun and Work

well it almost another week in the books and it wasn't too bad..Josh did his book report and seem to be pleased. I went to both of their science fair presentation on Thur..a first for them both..and they both did a great job I was very pleased...the week itself wasn't to bad at work or home not too much homework..josh didn't seem to have much trouble picking out his next book report either what a good thing...keri seem to enjoy her week at work..both went to scouts..josh is learning to use a knife..(takin some time to get the hang of it) Keri is working on their thinking day project on their country Japan seems like it going to be alot of fun this year too...they learned where their going if they make enough sales with cookies..Keri is on a roll..go girl..
it a long weekend for school on monday and the kids are out till it will be great week no homework...well until another is is happy and i love my two..
what is great having hugs/smiles every day from my own and a few others too..

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