Sunday, January 9, 2011

Great Weekend

Well this weekend was the best so far..We attended Robopalooza..Josh did his jr robo project which he did a great job...his team was great and worked hard on their lego building it really was alot of fun seeing all the hard work each team put into this building and research...then both keri/josh attended a workshop to build and race a lego race car it was alot of fun..Josh had a great time at this and then watching the different team so their was a long fun day and seeing lots of friends too...we then went to church sunday and it was good being back..both kids seem to enjoy their day..and going to the store wasn't too bad either so now it great having food in the house...the rest of the day they played hockey outside and just enjoyed being it back to school for the week which i hope goes fast...well at least it isn't going to be as cold this week so it should be good...enjoy each day...with my great kids..

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