Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Day

Well the week is starting pretty well inspite our the weekend went...it rains sat/sun..but we still had a nice time...Sunday the kids just chilled all day..it was kinda fun to do nothing but watch movies and play games...they did have a busy last week..we went to chuckie e cheese and had a blast it was alot of fun. and then we went to mcd to play on friday and josh had a buddy there from school so he had a great time too...The summer is fun...we aren't traveling much but enjoying our time together which is great..the kids got to see there new school on monday and both seem pretty kewl about it..we got their long list of supplies we will need but at least it looks good for everyone we will see as it gets closer...it was wonderful to talk with my friend patricia last night on the phone we had a great time..she is so wonderful..i can't wait to just hang with her before we go back to work in the classroom...Dad seems to be doing good too I talked to him and got him a little surprise he was excited about it..my sister is having a bday at the end of the week i am sure she is happy...the kids are shopping for her and it seems to be alot of fun..not sure why...but they love to shop so it a good thing..i have decided the last week of july we are traveling somewhere just to get away from the house so we will see what happens..well until later life is good and summer is great!

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