Saturday, June 27, 2009

Week is over

Well I guess it was a rather busy week here since I finally am sitting down to write back my week with my children..We went thurday to Chuck E cheese it was kinda a spur of the moment to do since it was so hot outside and they kids had a blast cause they redid the place and put in alot of new games for kids so they really had a great time and Josh had some buddies to hang out with that was fun...Keri went to girl scouts that evening and really had a great time..Me/Josh walked the walking trail but kept going in and checking on her..she made a cute pin to wear out of lace and beads she made some new friends since her two buddies weren't at the meeting..She really seems to be enjoying it and next week she will learn about getting her patches which is kewl...Yesterday (fri) I got up and mowed the lawn before the rain and it got to hot to do ...and then we went to a bday pool party last night and the kids really had a great time with all the other kids that were there it was alot of fun..I hung out with Patricia and we saw a few parents from Cornerstone to chat with wasn't too hot but at least no rain....will write about saturday later on..

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