Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Great Job

Well, Keri is doing great in GS she got another petal to add to her daisy and she got another badge for sellling her candy/nuts..She is really loving Gs..they added a new girl last night that everyone knew from school including Josh so that was great..they are keeping really busy..Josh and I hung out at the church while she was there...then Josh continued to work on his birdhouse that he is building it looking pretty good..just need some nails to put it together but we have a two week break so we get to rest and I should say get home Tuesday night earlier..The week is going pretty is going great..the children are really moving around and seem to be really enjoying class..I am doing project a few times a week so I get to work with them too which is always alot of fun with three year olds...Josh is going on his field trip on tuesday and Keri is going at the end of the month to see a play which is loves doing every year..well Xmas is coming so we will be fun here..until is good..

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