Thursday, October 8, 2009

No Computer How to Survive

Well, I am using a borrowed computer for now..After a week and half without..So many things have happened mostly good..well my computer has died..the man at the computer place tried for three days to get it to do anything and nothing they were at least nice enough to refund my money too...My children learned to survive without it..hard to beleive they found many other tasks to do and until one had come home they didn't ask about it at all so that was nice to know ..even now Josh just gets on for a sec and decide he is done...Josh went on a field trip Tuesday with the cub scouts we went to fire classic it was alot of fun.. ( mom forget her camera) and Keri got her first petal to start her daisy she was very we are moved ahead she did pretty good on her fundraiser..Josh we are starting to move on his popcorn sales...Keri is going to Brusters tues to try to sale ice cream ...she will love that ....School has been good this week it been Chili week so Saturday we will all go eat and smell chili and play games and eat..and work too...for a good cause...Dad has been busy and get my ceiling fan done and a few other things its really great having him back home...we haven't seen him the last two days cause we have been running around with the children and school stuff..Tonite it was their book fair and open house which was alot of fun..Keri told me all about her classroom and I mean eveything including all the intersting things on her teacher desk she really loves her teacher and her teacher said great things about her..Josh had a great past few days too...maybe turning 8 was ok...he got to spend a few hours with his father which was ok..but I think he wasn't pleased at the way it went..he got alot of nice legos sets to play with and they both love the lego table they got...we went to have pizza last night and grandpa had pizza with us one night been busy and for now I will write when I can...until I can get money to get a new or used computer..

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