Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun Saturday for All

Saturday, Josh went bowling with his cub scout pack he had a great time..they had a really good turn out..He bowled pretty good. too..Keri got to bowl and her friend Ashley was there so they bowled together and had a good time hanging out too..Josh got the rest of his uniform too so he was happy...Harold came over Saturday after we got back home from bowling and we took Dad out to dinner it was pretty good...Josh has some great boys in his pack this year..he is working on selling his popcorn it going a little slower than expected but it very expensive in my book ...and with Keri trying to sell candy it just a little too hard I dont get why all the fundraiser happen at the same time...they have two going on at school which we decided wasn't as important this time..well it going to be a busy week here due to a birthday coming I will write more about that later...

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  1. Hey!! That is some pricey popcorn :) Does he get points or prizes for selling or would it help if we just sent him a little check to go towards his sells?