Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love Weekends

It was a wonderful weekend..I wish they were all like this one..My friend came down and we all had a great time bowling..everyone did really GREAT too...both kids bowled over a 100 too..we just really enjoyed it together..we then went to dinner at Golden Carrol..which is where Josh has been wanting to go for a while so we thought why not..we got there and it wasn't crowded at all..Keri did pretty good at eating..they love to go there to eat..we always went there with grandma/grandpa so it was fun with my friend today...It was kinda humid outside today but we still made the best of it...My friend went to work on Sunday..but it was a great Saturday..I guess having awonderful friend who cares about you sure makes life so much more important..I guess I need to realize that it ok to love someone again...and not be so afraid...well today (sun) I took the kids to toys r us since we have a bday coming up soon and he doesn't really know what he wants so we went to tour the store and check it out which he came up with some pretty kewl things so we will soon see...I got the lawn mowed inspite it being so hot this morning but dad is coming home and I wanted it too look nice..since it another busy week here for the children..

It was almost just a hang out kinda day and watch football, nascar or if you were one of the kids you were watching spongebob marathon..ha ha..

well I am sure it going to be a nice week since my weekend left me with lots of smiles and really glad I have such a great friend who cares so deeply about me and my maybe I am still dating ...

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