Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nice Week So Far

Tuesday night Keri didn't get to attend her first girl scout meeting because I had to take Josh to his but Keri had alot of fun with some new friends there..Josh troop has 14 in it so we will see how long that last they are meeting each tues night as Keri is too but I am going to manage it some how..Both are every excited about all the great things their groups are doing this year...
Keri has her first fundraiser selling candy/nuts and Josh is selling Popcorn so bring in the money..Both are doing great in school this week no homework trouble and great behavior I think school is going alot better...We are waiting for ms becky lahey baby to be born this week we know it a boy just can't wait to see how cute another lahey is..ha ha..Work has been pretty good this week since we were off on monday and got a few things done around the house..I think everything seem to be settled in ...I talked to my wonderful friend Patricia the other night she had called..she is such a great caring friend I am so lucky to have in my life...well another week is almost over and a quiet weekend here just come cleaning..since I am going to stop dating and work on my children and doing some stuff around the house I decided I want to change my bedroom color and kitchen so that will keep me busy...and dad will be coming home soon so that will be great since I really miss him alot...just like mom..

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