Friday, September 4, 2009

End of the Week

This week seemed to go kinda slow I think because it was so busy...we started our homework which once it got started the children did their homework every afternoon without any complains so that was great..Thursday night I took Josh to the cub scout roundup at school and they signed up 14 boys for his troop this school year I think that is great..It looks like it going to be alot of fun this year...They both said they did pretty good on their first spelling test this year so that is good news...It rained the last two days here so we have stayed home afterschool and just played which the kids seemed to enjoy since being back to school...Oh we had pizza night wednesday night and drove in a heavy rainstorm so their school could get credit...what moms will do for the kids school..anyway we have a long weekend since it labor day nothing planned but to relax...the kids are going to visit my sister for a few hours on saturday so mom can go on a date (yea i wrote it right)...and then sunday Josh seemed to have plans so mom will just chill in Keri...well another week of school and it went pretty well I think they are getting kinda settled in..

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