Sunday, September 6, 2009

A date?

It was kinda a tipical Saturday here..Josh decided we should do our shopping and get it over with which was kinda a good idea cause it left Sunday with more of a relaxing day here...The store was so crowded you couldn't get down the aisle you were standing inline and when it was time to checkout you thought isn't Xmas yet..we stood for 20 minutes but at least we made it home before the rain came pouring out of the sky...I went on a date with my wonderful sister watched my two children and they seem to have a great time...especially Keri since they played girl things...she has some pictures she is going to send I can't wait..cause children seem to grow up so fast so it so important to enjoy them while there young..well my date we went to dinner at LongHorn steakhouse it wasn't crowded and the food was pretty good..been a while since I have been out to eat at a nicer restaurant so it was a nice change..we went bowling too I didn't do it bad on the second game the first was ha ha anyway we ended up heading back to my sister house to watch the game..since he couldn't decide what he wanted to do ...and then when we returned home he made a quick exit out..I really dont understand men
and again I made for most of the date...well the day was great ..and at least the children had a nice evening...I am giving up dating for a while and just enjoy being a great single mom with the world two best children it will make my life easier...and we can just enjoy each other...

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