Friday, September 11, 2009

The week is done

Today was just wonderful..School went great and the children seem to have a pretty good day I think they did good on their spelling test..Keri always has a story to tell about school I have been thinking of making a blog just for Keri wonderful very interesting stories...We left school and went to the mall to get Keri first fundraiser from her leader emily..she is excited about it and then we decided to eat at the mall...everyone got something from subway which was pretty simple today...One place...what a change instead of three places...we then went on to the grocery store which is always a good time to go in the middle of the afternoon cause there aren't many people we got in and right out without a we didn't have to do it on saturday cause the children want to do something else...we had a nice dinner tonight and they are enjoying watching their favorite videos tonight and mom is just hanging out and was reading all the stuff from Keri fundraiser which seems pretty simple it kinda cheap I going for a good cause so what the heck I say...we finally got the see pictures of the newest member of our family tonight on facebook what a real cutie..Josh just loves looking at babies he seems so proud when he learns he an uncle or another cousin...what a life of an 8 yr old huh...well this week is over and it wasn't too bad I think next week will be just as good..we have our first half day..and the children are excited about finally going to mom school to play for a little while..

have a great weekend...

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