Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting Ready for School

Today I decided I would go threw all the school supplies that we had purchased over the last few weeks and recheck to make sure I didn't forget anything..knowing that when they get back in the real classroom another list will come home with all the other stuff the teachers feel the need for parents to purchase..anyway we got the rest of the items on the to do list and then I took the kids over to Toy r us and we had a really good time they are getting the stores ready for Xmas( what already!) yep I remember those days all to well working in retail for so many years.anyway we had a great time looking around the store and then we went to Sonic and had a nice lunch...we came back home and just took it easy the rest of the day..Keri played in her room and Josh made a really big train track in the kitchen and had alot of fun playing with it and then his sister decide it was so cool..she put her little dolls in the cars and they went around the of having a big brother to help you out sometimes..anyway not much else happened other than the usual thunderstorms that seem to roll in every afternoon lately which I am not very fond of anyway we survived and slept well

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