Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun Day out of the House

Today I decided to get my two kidos out of the house so we spend most of the day at their favorite hang out Chuck E Cheese...they really had alot of fun playing with their friends and we saw a few people from my school there to hang out and chat with for a few hours..They kids really had fun eating pizza and french Fries..they won alot of tickets..Keri really did great she got over 400 tickets and decide she wanted this really big teddy bear so she would have to save them to be able to get something as big as a two foot bear to put somewhere in her room like she has any room now with all the stuff animals that live in her room now..Josh had a good time he is also saving his tickets which he been doing all summer I am not sure anymore how many he has since he had tons of little pieces of paper with totals of tickets amount on them...Mom had a good time playing some of the silly games they have plus talking with other moms...

We didn't so much else when we got home cause it seemed to worn us out...
well six more days will I return to the classroom which I am excited about I have learned from my teacher there are a few more changes but it will all work out in the end..cause I love my job and meeting new three year olds..

until tomorrow

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