Thursday, August 13, 2009

Close to the End

Today I took my son to get his hair cut it was the end of summer vacation almost...I have one more day and a weekend till I return to the classroom...we ventured into the school today to see what was happening and it was very much happening in our classroom..the BIG wall was coming down down and much space to have children playing and running much space to share and learning lots of new and exciting things...Josh/keri had alot of fun too they played very well with some other children that were up there today so I got alot of things done working with another teacher day..we got her closet cleaning and organized almost..
It looks like it going to be a very interesting but most exciting year and I must say I am very excited about it..I got to see the list of children and I really can't wait to get started working..
but first our classroom must be cleaned up and put away...My teacher is working on getting a road map to follow so no one will get lost on the way...Summer was alot of fun this year I must say and very very different for me it will be one to remember always..I think I did some growing up too and learned wow 24/7 with two kids all summer can be really hard sometimes..anyway
the end of a wonderful summer and the beginnning of a great new year..the kids are really
ready to return to school they want to learn who there teachers are which we hope happens next week..until then more weekend of summer fun....

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  1. Thanks for not posting anything about a grumpy co-worker that day! Time's running out and many things still to be done...