Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy, Busy and more busy

WOW! this week is just moving ...I started back to work on Monday in our classroom..I went down there on Sunday to help try to get the room in shape but we have had some changes this year and so our room today was sitting empty no furniture in it...but we decorated the wall today..putting up the calendar and different things for our wonderful kids to see..Josh/Keri went down to school with me today and did pretty good..they are trying to keep out of trouble the best they can..they play on the playground and in the sandbox and try to keep up with what is going on all around...anyway yesterday was the first day back and my wonderful friend harold watching them for me since it was meeting on return day..I think it went ok you can never tell cause everyone always say they were good...ha ha...anyway the kids seems to enjoy having him there and being entertained..while mom was working and eating most of the day...The kids will get a letter or we will go to their school on Friday to learn who there teacher is..they are excited but seem a little concerned since it was a nice summer to say the most...different is what I say about this summer if I was asked...Tomorrow is another day and mostly I can just be thankful
i have a work..two wonderful children and a great family who supports me in all ways..
this year will be different but sometimes changes are for the best in the long haul..

we will see.....

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