Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Week is Over

Well, the first week back to school was exciting, interesting and same ole stuff...Josh seemed to have an ok welcome to second grade..I am sure he will improve much more as the weeks move ahead..I am concerned but think it will all work out...he has some great friends and seems to have a great reading score..but other things seem to distract him..Keri she was pleased with the week ending she got to get something from the prize box and she has enjoyed her first week at first grade..She seems to have a story to tell every afternoon about what she did in her classroom so I am glad I get to spend time with her more this year...My week ended really great I have nine wonderful friends as well as many on the other size who I had last year and made a few new really a great class this year I love children who had their own way of life..
We have a nice weekend planned here even if it rains so I am going to relax and enjoy my two days at home and I think the children are enjoying their weekend playing and catching up on the TV ....what a great first week I think.....

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