Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Busy and Busy

Well, it been a few weeks I would say since I posted to my blog...Keri has really enjoyed Girl scouts...we went on the field trip and they have made some really cute candles this past week..They are singing next week at the local mall for should be fun and interesting with these five cute little girls...Josh;s cub scouts have been on vacation to say the least...they are having a pack meeting thurs to practice Xmas songs..I am not sure if he wants to go or not..anyway..last Saturday we went with Dad and my sister to get our Xmas tree it so cute..The kids decorated it all by them selves and it is cute..Keri got all the Xmas stuff out and put it all over the house it really feels like Xmas except for the day cool and then it hot the next.. but the kids are getting excited about it...they have made there list and getting things together for their friends at school..since they end and start winter break next Thurs...Dad has been working around the trailer here...we got a new door and heating system in our place...Dad is the best and we are most thankful for him each day....We had my mom one year ...and She was in our heart the whole day..but we made it thru...It will be hard again this Xmas but I know she is here and she would be happy too...well I can't wait till break just to try to figure some things out here and what the new year will bring for us....but one thing is for sure...I have a great family,,,wonderful children who love me as much as I love them...and we can do anything together as long as we have each until later...I am going to enjoy this week and will try to post more often...

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