Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vacation and Holidays

Well, we are all on our winter break from school which means relaxation, and holidays..
Keri/Josh had a great ended to the break with their school parties and coming to my school to help out..Josh is so great about helping...We had a relaxing day at home ..we went shopping and played outside in the cooler weather...It hard to beleive Xmas is coming so fast..I sure hope the week slows down a little I sure want to enjoy being with my children and doing things together..we love playing basketball, baseball and just swinging outside..Today..Keri and josh were singing Xmas songs in the story and a lady was so excited it was kinda funny....but they didn't mind..they love this time of year just as most children do I think..Today will be alot of fun of sister is coming to down to visit dad and we are all getting together...just think we are counting down to the big jolly ole man in the red suit...

Five days and counting down...down...down...

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