Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day after Christmas was really a great Xmas this year...The kids woke up around six and were so excited at all the great new things they got from Santa this year...Josh favorite..well it says everything was his favorite was his Tornado Lab..he has played with it non stop..he got a new game Monopoly City which is loves..and wants everyone to play one evening it shall be fun...he got alot of other great things too....Keri favorite is her Barbie vet center..I think she loves the cute puppy that came with it the best....she loves her MP3 player we just have to get it working..but it was wonderful..We went to my sister Annie house for Xmas and both of my brothers and cousins and nephews were there it was GREAT..Christy/DAvid came as a surprise for Grandpa..Isabel is so cute ..Mom would just love her to death..She so cute and such a blessing to have this year at our Christmas...We are doing the pinacha tomorrow due to Mary/Anna is coming up to see everything so it will be another day full of fun and laughter..Josh really loves having the kids come to play with...It was a great Xmas...and MOM we missed you alot but knew you were there in our you are everyday...

Until can't get any better than this..when you have a family that has as much love as ours does..

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