Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wonderful Week

This week has been wonderful to say the least..My sweet daughter and her daisy scouts got to sing at the local mall it was so cute and they had alot of fun singing Xmas songs...Josh was there to lead a wonderful voice he loves to sing too...then they got their pictures taken with Santa it so cute too..Friday is my last day of school for winter break I am so looking forward to just relaxing and finishing Xmas shopping and other things..They kids got out today (thur) keri brought home a large stocking FULL and I mean full of nothing but candy and a few as she told me other items..she had a great time. Josh party was yesterday he didn't say much about it so I am unsure how it went he said he did pretty good on his speech today at school it was on the nativity scene...I am sure he did great..he seems to be ready for a break from school..I think we all are..we are going to spend the weekend shopping and getting things ready for keri daisy scout party on Tuesday...and my sister is coming into town to visit dad so it will be alot of fun for all of us...and I have some wonderful friends who are great at sharing...I am so lucky to have them

until later..

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