Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well, it Christmas Eve right now almost two hours and it will finally be Christmas here and what the temp is 69...oh well life in Florida I guess..Anyway my wonderful children are all sleeping so quietly in their beds..they know tomorrow is such a special day...anyway our week was full of fun and excitement being with them is always such fun...we spent alot of time outside..Josh is really enjoying baseball and basketball...and Keri had a really nice time at her girl scout xmas party on tuesday..they got a cute xmas ornament and bag to carry all their stuff to and from their meetings as well as a few other was alot of sister took them shopping on wednesday which they seemed to enjoy alot..Keri keeps telling me I am getting a zebra...WOW I some how forgot to list that one this year...anyway I had alot of fun shopping for them this year too since neither asked for much so it was kinda hard...I hope next year is a little easier...We are going to have a great one this year..and we have alot of company coming to visit so I am so excited that this year is ending on a happier one than last...I have thought so much about my mom this xmas and how much is made Christmas but it seemed alot easier...this one...I know she is watching us and I kept thinking about her..having such a great time up there with all those wonderful people ...laughing and enjoying all those Xmas carols...I am sure she loved listening to Bing Crosby sing "White Christmas"...anyway she is with us always and forever..and I can't say enough about my wonderful father..he is such a great man I am so forever lucky to have them help me in more ways than I could ever thank him for..Josh called him the other night and invited him to KFC..i didn't really know about it and dad was so excited when he got here and he really had a great time eating with josh...he was so great to see him enjoying life...

He really is the best!...well my whole family is the best..we love each other alot and in so many different ways..I have two of the best children in the whole world..and I love them so much..
I really have a wonderful family..and tonight I watched It's a wonderful Life and it really is..
because I have so much to be thankful for and I am going to make 2010 of the best
years I will ever have in my life...

Until later..I hope everyone has a GREAT Merry Xmas!!!...

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