Thursday, June 28, 2012

Almost the weekend

Well this week has moved pretty good..Both J and k have really enjoyed VBS this year..I think it because they had each teachers.  they are looked forward to friday..singing and then the water party..before we finally start our vacation...K is really excited she says our short road trip which it will be alot of many things planned and looks like the weather just might be florida weather HOT and excited too but laid back..he has a few things he wants to try to do it will be alot of we all await the arrival of H..can't excited from my brother to become a are alot of work but always worth it in the end...mine are my whole life and wouldn't change athing about it...well got alot done while the kids were having fun today and yesterday too...still alot to do but one thing the weather sure did change quick...I guess living in florida you should have sunshine everyday and it be HOT in the summer time..
well until tomorrow...Enjoy your day...Hug your children and always tell them how special they are..

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