Monday, June 25, 2012


It Monday the start of another the end of the week it will be my bday nothing special..but today it was the first day of VBS for the kids they were kinda excited I think..they didn't want to get up so early but it life sometimes...K made a friend today she is excited to go back tomorrow..and she likes her teachers.
J said he had fun..except one kid in his group he isn't excited about having..I told him be good and it will work out...The rain finally stopped for a short while so i cleaned up the messy yard from all the wind/rain we had...our watermelon plant survived and looks great we have six little ones starting I can't wait since it started from three tiny seeds in the kitchen window that K wanted to try to grow...keep growing..

well another day is almost gone...until tomorrow it lookin good from here..

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