Sunday, January 31, 2016

Field trip and playing catch up this week

Well we where up at 5:30 this morning to take my daughter to school to get on a bus for her weeklong school field trip in  Smokey Mountains. She woke up a little unsure about going, but told her once she got with her friends it would all change, Wasn't at school five minutes and she was hanging with her buds as she calls them. Me and J came home didn't like mom hanging around, I sure hope she has alot of fun and stays warm too. J and I are going to play catch up on school work and moms work since I was on a short visit with my dad last week.

Well what a way to start Sunday and the week with my buddy J should be fun to just hang out with him for a week.  Weather isn't looking too bad either  no sun right now but isn't cold either.

back from a trip

Well, I am back, I went with my sister to visit my father in Missouri, he isn't well.He is fighting cancer, which is a real bummer!

It was so great to spend time with him and my family. We all are so
close and my father is such a wonderful,  caring man. At time it was so hard to see him like this, but he still laughs and is wonderful inspite the pain he has.

But, I had to come home to be a mom like he told me. The kidswere glad to be back in their home and doing their thing.

So, daily life is here. Working to get k ready for her week long field trip
to the Smokey mountain with her school.  J and I are hanging out
and see what we can find him to do this week.

Stay tuned!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Raining and Windy

Well, we knew Friday was going to be mostly an indoor day, but to wake up to what we thought was a bunch of squirrels running across the roof was awful.  The branches from the Palm tree hitting the roof was crazy, the poor cat ran under the bed it was awful. But at least it just raining now.

Not exactly how we wanted Friday to be with the kiddos out of school for a few days and no sunshine, but maybe tomorrow..Indoor games are on it looks like. Fun to say the least. Well at least sleeping in was suppose to happen.. Which didn't but working is getting done at least.

Start you weekend off with a smile and a hug will brighten anyone day.. Love when my kids are home. 

Have a great weekend!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Avon and Ebates

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Monday, January 11, 2016


Wow it's cold this morning here. IT was 36 when I got out of bed this Monday morning couldn't wait to get the heat rolling. And K off to school. I know it's going to be another cold tomorrow, Winter has got to Florida for a few days I guess.

As I left you Friday. wow did you watch any football games this weekend? Some exciting others what happened? Yes that Minnesota game was what -2 WOW baby that super duper cold to me.

Well, we are in the second week of January and life is good .today Yesterday was  my mom birthday she would have been 86. We made brownies to celebrate my mom would have been pleased.
My father is coming to his awesome little warm home today he is excited, I  pray everyday for him.

Family is so important and when something happens it makes you think twice and wake up.

Tell yours kids/family just how special they are each day. Life is too short .

Have a great monday! Keep warm!
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Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekend in Site

Well, we made it threw the first week of school after Winter Break, For some reason it seems like it's the longest and harder to get threw. But the weekend is here and it's still cool here in Florida.
I thought we might warm up but the weather people have different ideas so they say. Rain and
cool temperatures are still for now. So looks to keeping the sweater and coats out for now.

Well, we are pretty lucky here. I saw on the news wildcard football game playing in record low temps this weekend. What? are they crazy will there be anyone in the stands? Not me I would be sittin in my comfy chair and sipping cocoa. Well someone has to do it right.

Well here to a great weekend here keeping warm and moving ahead into the new year. Will
report back in anyone showed up for that game this weekend, be brave my friend. or as my
awesome daughter tells me  JUST DO IT! got to love that line. Have a great weekend and stay tune for next week great blogs...Glad to have you online for the ride.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Wow baby it's cold outside today. That isn't something we  Floridians say much, but the last two days it;s been just that.. The temperature hasn;t gone above 60 here and today with the wind is was just that COLD, 

I love winters and snow, and don't get me wrong, I do cold but for some reason it;s just feels like
a different cold in Florida then up north.  I hear you up there. Its 60 wow that a heatwave for us folks up here where it's 18 today..

OK OK so your right..At least we did get a few days of winter and got to look for that winter coat we don;t own, so you like put layers on here. Now it just a few days and then we will all be yelling 
IT HOT in winter time where the cold weather again.

GOT to love Florida the weather here is too crazy.

Keep warm and smile always.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

back to the ole ways

Well we are trying to get back into the routine this morning. With one off to school and it was alittle cooler then we thought when we ran out the door. So maybe a few wintery days here in florida.
we all know it will be gone so fast but as least we got to wear some sweatery clothes for a day.

Trying to get going after a winter break seems like it going to take a few days to get going. Nothing like the alarm clock going off and you are like WHAT is that NOISE this morning so early.

Well, up and moving and trying to stay focus to get ahead and start this year off great. No surprises just alot of hard work and deal with new changes that are coming.

Stay focus and We will make it.

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Page One

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Today is the first day of the New Year so I am starting at page one.
I have set a few minor goals to reach for myself this year as well as with
my two children. If you set goals to high or to far you never make it.
So just like baby steps we will start this year off slow. Today was just
a relax and sit around day, we watch some of the bowls games that
that they were a big deal just check out the scores.

It was very over cast here in what was the sunshine state usually means
rain is around the corner, (that we could use). 

So we now begin a new year , a journey that can only go up the hill
and we will do what we can to success and keep dreaming

I hope you take a moment and write in your journal.