Monday, May 18, 2015

Three More Days

Wow. Where did the school year ago? My k has completed her first year in middle school and my son will be starting his last year in middle school. This year really went so fast. I took a year off from work which was very hard to do but sometimes you have to put your children first and your job second and just hope that it all works out. I was lucky to say the least now I think about and wonder how I was able to do it, but with alot of hard work and saving threw the years it worked out, but now I have to make so many choices about finding a job, since my place of employment for almost ten years has decided they don't need me anymore. YES, what a shock to give so much of your time and hard work to a place then they just don't need you. I have learned alot from that. I see why many women and people work for themselves, because when you have to leave because of your child, and you hope they will stand by you, they just leave you. But, I know I will find and be better off without them. My children are the most important two things in my life and I will do whatever is best of them and us. I told myself since learning that I wasn't needed or welcomed back that everything happens for a reason and it they lost, not mine. J and K will have fun this summer in whatever we do.Lots of free events and things to do as well as hang with some good friends who care and share my loss and pain. My love for children is so important to me and I know that I helped many children learn alot about learning and won't forget them. Summer is almost here I can't beleive it. Well whatever road is open for me I am sure it will be full of happiness and love. I know I will end up alot better off and still doing something that brings so much love and caring to my heart. Welcome summer with open arms and that my children are always happy and healthy, as they are right now.Image result for school out

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday In May

Can you believe May is already here. You can probably tell if you look around, the lawns are green and so many pretty flowers are blooming as well as buzzing bees all around. Children are counting down the days till summer vacation and all kinds of fun camps and events happening.

There are alot of fun things children can do over the summer in Florida as well as other places I am sure. Here in Florida we have so wonderful places to swim like the local springs and swimming pools that open very soon. There are alot of summer camps that are going to be opening too so you might want to check your local newpapers and schools for them. I have seen alot of cool ones this year in my local group. One was a lego camp that really sounds great. Just check them out and your children will be busy all summer long.

There also some educational things too. The bowling for children is free too you just need to sign up at your local bowling alley. I have for my two. Also
the library is having a summer reading program as well as Barnes and Nobles too. 

I will keep you informed on any news that comes across the board. So keep checking in. 

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Have a great monday.