Sunday, September 11, 2016

Changes are good

My son is really enjoying his new school which makes me as a mom so happy.Especially after homeschooling him for two years. He really loves most of the programs they do and he is fitting in great. It's a good thing when you get him every day from school and he ususally has a smile, some things after great a few classes he doesn't care for but everything can't be perfect as we all

He was so excited Friday told me he was voted to run for the ninth grade student council. WOW that is so exciting and he was very into it telling me all his ideas and what he wanted to do for his campaign. Mom is really happy now...

So we spent the weekend working on posters and handout for this upcoming week, he has to work on a speech but is so happy to see him looking forward to doing something and with the right attitude.

K is doing good she doesn't say much just hangs with her buds as she calls them..She is working hard and stays busy at home doing her drawing and chatting.

The school year is brighter but with the right attitude I think school is going good this year and mom made some right choices..

So have a great week and happy smiles on monday

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