Sunday, August 21, 2016

Back to School

Well. as you can tell I took a little break from writing on the blog.. Summer was here and working at my new preschool job kept me busy this summer and I didn't have any time off. It was really different having to work all summer and not hanging with my kids, especially cause they are getting older and likes to do their own things with friends.. They  did that all summer they are both growing up to fast and getting on their own.  Can't believe tomorrow my little girl will start her last year in middle school she is going to leave behind so much being at her little enclosed private school. And my son will be entering into high school which has been such a challenge so far since he was unable to get into public school for unknown reason but a good thing I am sure, we are trying private school again since he didn't want to continue homeschooling this year so we will hope this is the path he is suppose to follow.

Anyway it will be a long busy with full of challenges, adventures and hard work to get threw all this while trying to get everyone where they are suppose to be ontime.. Being a single mom working
sometimes isn't so great when your having to do everything alone and hopes it the best for each kid.
Mistakes are always happening and tempers but I just hope they are all the right decisions in the end.

Well tomorrow starts our newest adventure..A new school, fun times with ole friends and mom driving all her babies to school..Go MOM Go......

Hope your school year is rocking too.

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