Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekends and Spring

Wow what a few weeks it been here. My father passing and then starting a new job at a cool preschool the following monday. I have been at my job for three weeks now and I really am starting to enjoy being around the children and the very helpful teachers that are there. Things are really
starting to brighten up for my and the kids finally.

Spring is coming which is awesome. The flowers in the yard are all blooming and look so beautiful. My parents loved flowers and so we have tried to keep them looking great every year. I do so hope the Easter lily blooms its finally coming back after a few years and looks great so we will see.

Spring Breaks is coming but it only one day off this year since I started my job and no breaks for me. I hope we get to do something that weekend but time will tell. The kids seems to like mom back to working and being able to do things again so thanks dad for sending me this awesome job and still taking care of me even if your away. I miss you and mom so much but you are both helping me every day me a great mom and parent to my wonderful children, as well as my wonderful sisters/brothers who keep in touch and help me threw it all too.

Family is so important and sometime we don't realize it until something happens and it brings
us all together..

So for now back to work on Monday and smiles every day!!!!!
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