Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Hero My Father

This week as well as last week has been a very sad and diffcult  week. My father passed away on the 10th of  February after a long few months of battling cancer. It was a hard fight for him and he stayed strong all the way to the end.

I miss him so very much and will forever, he was alway there for me and my two children, especially after my mom passed away. He was so simple and smiled till the  end.

We are having his graveside memorial this week. My father planned his service while in the last few weeks  of his life. He smiled everyday and laughter till the end.

I have so many awesome memories of my dad. When I sit down and reflect I laugh and think just how special he  was to me and his grandkids. My dad loved everyone and everyone
loved him.

He left a mark on everyone. He told me just to enjoy life and not stress so much cause you can't change it. That how my
dad lived.. He was so happy and I was so very thankfully to my family  for letting
me be with him a few weeks before he passed. I will always treasure those memories
even though it was sick but didn't stop living he just went on.

My father is a hero, my best friend and my dad.. He will  always be in my heart forever and in
 children hearts..

He has made us stronger, wiser and taught us how to live life to the fullest.

Dad, you will always keep our hearts warm at night and laughter with the stories that you shared with us about your life and others..

I  miss you always but Thank you for being the BEST FATHER, DAD and GRANDPA
to this girl.

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