Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Wow baby it's cold outside today. That isn't something we  Floridians say much, but the last two days it;s been just that.. The temperature hasn;t gone above 60 here and today with the wind is was just that COLD, 

I love winters and snow, and don't get me wrong, I do cold but for some reason it;s just feels like
a different cold in Florida then up north.  I hear you up there. Its 60 wow that a heatwave for us folks up here where it's 18 today..

OK OK so your right..At least we did get a few days of winter and got to look for that winter coat we don;t own, so you like put layers on here. Now it just a few days and then we will all be yelling 
IT HOT in winter time where the cold weather again.

GOT to love Florida the weather here is too crazy.

Keep warm and smile always.

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