Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekend in Site

Well, we made it threw the first week of school after Winter Break, For some reason it seems like it's the longest and harder to get threw. But the weekend is here and it's still cool here in Florida.
I thought we might warm up but the weather people have different ideas so they say. Rain and
cool temperatures are still for now. So looks to keeping the sweater and coats out for now.

Well, we are pretty lucky here. I saw on the news wildcard football game playing in record low temps this weekend. What? are they crazy will there be anyone in the stands? Not me I would be sittin in my comfy chair and sipping cocoa. Well someone has to do it right.

Well here to a great weekend here keeping warm and moving ahead into the new year. Will
report back in anyone showed up for that game this weekend, be brave my friend. or as my
awesome daughter tells me  JUST DO IT! got to love that line. Have a great weekend and stay tune for next week great blogs...Glad to have you online for the ride.

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