Tuesday, September 22, 2015

School and Life

Today I was sitting there working on my Avon business thinking about life. Trying to figure it all out. Sometimes things happen and you just stop and search for answers. There aren't any. Why?

I took K to school she was a little slow moving this morning,but it was totally understandable.No one
slept much last night. We were all thinking about my dad and praying he going to be ok.

For as I sit here looking out the window, All the birds flying by and the car going down the road.
Can't life just stop and we enjoy it all..All the pain and suffering just stop for a while. I am confused and there aren't any answers to the many questions I want answered. Why? How can life get so
messed up and change so fast.

Your life is great, your happy and then STOP it all different in a blink of an eye.

I hope I find my answers. That life is going to be ok. I can find that smile.

I have the most wonderful children..we tell me everyday...MOM is going to be OK!

OK life OK be OK Today!

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