Monday, June 1, 2015

Getting Back To -With some things that are free to do

Well as you can see I must have taken a vacation from writing. Sometimes it seems the day just gets over before you get started. We have been on summer break for a week and it seems like it going pretty good. The florida heat is already hitting us. We do have plans to keep busy on the free side.
There are really alot of programs during the summer that don't cost anything or just a small fee.

1-There is bowling that you just need to sign up and you get to bowl three games a day for FREE
how can you not do that. just the cost to get you their.
2-The movies are offering dollar movies at a few of the area movie theatre in town but I am sure they are pretty crowded but who know we might check a few of them out.
3-A few days a week I noticed that the craft shops are having things for the children to do to keep them busy so that might be sometime to check out too.
4- And swimming seems to be a big thing with it being so warm outside you really need to do alot of things outside in the mornings.
5-The park is free and has alot of things to offer too.

I think we will find things to keep us busy and with them hanging with their friends it will probably go faster than we really want it too.

Enjoy your summer if  you have any ideas leave a comment.Image result for free

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