Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Doctor Visit With A New One

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Well it was that time of the year for check up at the doctor.  This is one of those times your children are like "No Mom", but yes it was that time again. This time we had to go to a new doctor thanks to the insurance so we weren't too sure what to expect. Well the shots were giving after much dismay because this doctor who I won't be seeing again was rude and wouldn't explain to me what I was asking. After leaving us in the office and he walked out. I told the kids what's going on here.
We went out to the desk and three ladies were looking at us like did you need something.
What we are in your office and your asking us.
Finally one of the ladies explained to me what the shots were for and that we didn't need all of them.
Thank you. So yes the shots were giving and it was so sad my little K was so upset.
Well No thanks doc he was so rude and this staff was so not together. So a call back to the insurance to say Thanks but lets try again. I really hate we had to change doctors because it so hard to find a really good doctor that will sit down and listen to you. And your children feel good about going to see. Well another year in the books and they are both healthy. Thank you for that.

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