Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Starting the Week off

Well this week has been a real hard to get going week for us. Time change does it everytime. I mean TIME. my alarm clock is suppose to change with the time change but for some reason it seems to take it a few days to get it together. We are always late on the monday after it and I can't sleep because I am afraid it won't go off. K and J also seem to not like it either. Why do we have this time change, I  will say I really like it being day light alot longer because then we more done. but why does it affect us some much. I was watching our cat and she seems to act odd too. When so I eat? She came out at four and I was think wait another hour till it's five. poor cat. Well I am sure we will get on the move by the weekend. hope your week goes well.

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